Anonymous asked:
"^groans a little more with a laugh^ Okay, okay. I'm done. ^kisses your lips once more, quickly^ Okay now I'm done, I promise. ^laughs a little^ -CHood"

Okay. *stares at you for a second before you lean forward and kiss me again, making me laugh against your lips* so what are you going to do while I’m gone? *Laughs a little bit* Take Luke out to the cliff?

Anonymous asked:
"^trails my kisses up your neck and along your jaw, moving up to your mouth, where I kiss your lips, my hand on your cheek keeping you, close as I feel you tug my hair again and I moan into your mouth^ -Cal T H x"

*starts to wrap my legs around your waist but stops myself and tries to pull away* I’m supposed to be meeting Ellie in a few minutes. *kisses you again and laughs when you groan* I’m sorry.

Anonymous asked:
"^a little smirk grows on my face as I move downward to your neck, smiling when you automatically lean back to give me access, and I start with small kisses letting the linger a title before moving to the area where my marks are most prominent, and I begin to place open mouth kisses^ -C T H oodx"

*stops pushing you away and tangles my fingers into the back of your hair instead, tugging on it, and biting my lip hard when you let out a feel a soft moan against my neck*


I’m in love with you.